Leica armed with semi-automatic

Leica Geosystems, a Hexagon company, has announced the release of the new semi-automated excavator functionality for the iXE3 3D excavator machine control solution, including tilt and tilt rotator bucket automation.

The solution automatically controls boom, bucket, tilt and tilt rotator bucket functions to dig faster and more accurate to the target design surface and cross slope. The new semi-automatic functionality enables the operator to execute complex tasks, reduce manual controls, increase productivity, speed and accuracy of the work, even for less experienced operators.

“Automating the excavator on a site will increase productivity and accuracy, decrease operator fatigue and fuel consumption. I am convinced that a more focused and alert operator is a safer operator, decreasing the risk of accidents and costly rework errors,” explains Kris Maas, product management director in the machine control division at Leica Geosystems.

The new semi-automatic excavator is completely flexible and easy-to-use, allowing the operator to select auto boom control, auto bucket control, auto tilt control and auto rotation control or in any combination to suit the operator’s choice and the task at hand.

The new solution is developed through the hydraulic controller and requires the installation of a hydraulic control unit. The advanced 3D excavator machine control solution offers several new functions: Simple engagement of the auto function by pulling the stick; the cross-cut surface protection prevents the operator from digging into other parts of the design surface; the solution automatically adjusts the bucket height to minimise over-excavation and costly rework; intelligent slope detection to automatically snap to the correct slope of the surface under the bucket; and rotation controlled cross-cut, combining the auto bucket and the auto tilt functions to match the target surface regardless of the bucket rotation.

The new system will initially be available for the following machine models:

Liebherr 924 and Liebherr 926
Case 210 and Case 250
Doosan 255
Hitachi 210 and Hitachi 300
John Deere 210 and John Deere 300

With the second release, the semi-automatic excavator will be available for multi-brand and multi-class machines.

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